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The Christmas rush

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I have been blessed this year to have lots of orders for Christmas gifts.  It has allowed us to get a few more things paid for instead of being quite so worried about money.   I finally finished with the paid orders last week and got to work on my own gifts.   I finished the kids' teacher gifts a couple of nights ago and the kids took them to school yesterday.  I completely forgot to take pictures though and they turned out great.  

I decided to not only make something to keep them warm when they are outside with the students but to show their school spirit.  Every Friday is spirit day at their school.  Patience's teacher is amazing and has been teaching for something like 27 years.   She is always dressed beautifully (even in jeans) and looks amazing.  Their school colors are purple and gold.   So for Mrs. F. I made a lacy scarf in Lion Brand Homespun yarn using Barrington (which is more purple than this shows) adding some small sunflowers to the ends using the color Sunshine State, I did use some Caron Simply Soft plum to do a shell edge around it.    I made a purple hat to match and made a large sunflower that is detachable.

Christian's teacher is young and vibrant.  I made her a sporty striped scarf with alternating rows of HDC chains and shells. 9 row sections in each color.  I made a matching hat for her too in purple with highlights in yellow and a multicolored yarn pom-pom.

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