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Branching Out

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Just wanting to warn you all that things are getting ready to change...for the better I hope.  I will continue to keep my weight loss blog separate but am going to start writing more about my other creative outlets and life in general.  In addition to crochet I spend a lot of time doing digital scrapbooking.  I am far from a pro at this and am just really beginning to learn the good parts of using Photo Shop Elements to design my pages but can't wait to share what I do know.  I also hope to share some free designs as well.

For today my adventure was cutting my own hair.   What was I thinking you say?  My reasoning was this, first we are completely broke so shelling out $20 or more for a hair cut simply wasn't an option.  Second, every time I let a beautician touch my hair they manage to do the exact opposite of what I tell them I want.  Third, my super long very thick hair has begun giving me headaches and after a while even dinks at my neck and shoulders.

So, my mom has been telling me for years about layering your own hair by putting it into a ponytail and cutting the ponytail off.  Well, that wasn't enough information for me to go on when considering such a drastic move so I began to research.

I found this blog Pony Tail Hair Cut and followed her easy instructions.  I couldn't be more pleased.  I didn't lose any length off of my hair (which my two year old loves to play with) but I got lots and lots of weight off of it.  I cut a ponytail that was just a tiny bit over 11 inches off of my head.  So here are my before pics, I forgot to take some just before.  The one in the hat is from last week.  My hair was basically all one length with a tiny bit of tapering in the front.  The ones with the baby are from this afternoon.  When he gets up from nap he sits with me and plays with my hair for a while. 

Here are the after pictures.  I was very happy with the results.  Keep in mind that these are freshly showered and blown dry pics.  I haven't done a bit of styling yet.  Don't forget the face is make-up free and I was taking a picture of myself which explains the odd angle...I have NO explanation for the odd expression though.

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