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Hats, hats and more hats.

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I have been busy making baby shower gifts, lots of hats.  Here is the first one

  I used this pattern for the hat.   I just winged it on the cherries and stems though instead of following the directions.  They only took me a few minutes to make that way and I knew if I was counting stitches to follow a pattern it would take a while.

This pumpkin hat is all mine.  The hat is a basic DC beanie and I usually use the beginning technique that matches this pattern for my beanies.  I finish with 3 rounds of SC instead of the FP/BP edge.
I need to sit down and actually write down the pattern for the stem and leaves but it may be a few more weeks until I get to that.

I originally made this little red and white hat to go with the cherries but it looked like a Christmas hat and since it is newborn sized cotton hat for a summer baby I decided to make a flower for it instead.  Again, I used this pattern for the body of the hat and I winged it for the flower.  You can find flowers all over the web though, amazing ones at Crochet Pattern Central 

For this sunhat I used my Sweet Little Sunhat pattern with some variations.   I used a J hook and used 6 rounds of DC for the band of the hat.   I also only used 3 rows of SC for the floppy brim increasing more frequently so it would curl up.
The silk flower was made using this technique except I glued two long pieces of yarn to the back of the flower, instead of a barrette so I could tie it to the hat and it would be soft on a little head.

I need to sit down and write out this granny hat pattern, I sat down intending to make another beanie for my daughter who has been begging for a hat.  Since it is already in the upper 80's and it is still May I decided to make it more airy.  It turned out great, was super simple and didn't use much yarn.  I whipped it and the flower out in around an hour or so.     Sticking the pigtails through it was Patience's idea.


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