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The mixed emotions of motherhood

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Today the twins head to St. Louis with my parents.  It is only an overnight trip, they will be home tomorrow evening.  I am teetering between joy at 36 hours free of their constant bickering and our bedtime battles and wanting to hang onto them and never let go.  It is funny really, I need a brain break but it makes my stomach a little queasy to know that they are going across the state without me.  As for the baby, we are having our very first EVER babysitter tonight.  I am very excited to go out with my husband in the evening.  It hasn't happened in years.    My parents are great about taking an afternoon and watching the kids for us for special occasions but I think the last time we were out at night was for our 7th anniversary which was nearly three years ago.  

So here is to a grown-up night full of dinner at a nice restaurant and a movie that isn't animated or PG.

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  1. Have a wonderful time!!!! The twins are in good hands, I'm sure!!!!! But I understand -- my parents are taking Daniel for a couple of days this summer -- I'm also torn between wanting them to spend that kind of time with them and actually spending a night without my baby (who is 5 years old) -- that will be my first time not spending a night with him other than when I was a patient in the hospital.

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